There's more than just one truth. That's why a lie tells you everything you need to know. It's a creation after all.
The prettiest lie is the gloss over. Gloss is what I'm after...

In this summer show, I revisited the classical means of still lifes, nudes and portraits while exploring identity and questioning ego. Still lifes or more precisely "vanitas". Where skulls and rotten fruits are replaced by wrinkle cream, junk food and soap bubbles. It still exposes the transient nature of vanity, but it also gives you informations on people and their hang-ups. The nudes are now calendar girls - frigid sex appeal versus manufacture. It's beauty reduced to gimmick. It's pop. The portraits, printed on mirrors, are of beauties perfecting their look. The visitor confronts its reflection, 2 mirrors "face to face" creating a vacuum of infinite images in doubt.

But gloss is mainly about that gooey liquid that tastes like wild cherry and leaves your lips shiny yet barely pink.