“Light, light, the visible reminder of Invisible light.”
T. S. Eliot

Illustration. Not a melodic word like “butta” or “shampoo”, plus I try to avoid 4 syllable words whenever possible. Especially when “illustration” stands for “vizualization” or worse “clarification”. Who needs that? Don’t you wish people would stop saying “just kidding!” and let you decide? I prefer the archaic meaning: “illumination”. Neither a lighthouse to guide you through the dark, nor a UV bug zapper to lure you in, my work should be seen as the equivalent of a sexy, uplifting, peach colored, indirect lighting: something Everybody needs to look their best in the bedroom. But that’s just me… Arn0’s past and current clients are, amongst others, Coca-Cola, Disney, Sony, Virgin, Nokia, O2, British Airways, EMI, Dove, Ted Baker, HedKandi, the RSPCA, Penguin books, the Berlin Philharmonic, the Royal Court Theatre, FHM, Maxim, Mens Health, Red Bulletin, the Guardian, the New York Times…

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